Chelsea Levy


Steve Cubr

Chelsea Levy and Steve Cubr

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Our Love

Chelsea and Steve grew up in the same small hometown, with mutual friends and similar interests, always missing each other by just a moment. One day, Chelsea’s friend Jamie spontaneously invited her to a concert happening that same night. Steve’s Friend Joe had the same idea. As fate would have it, Chelsea and Steve each spotted their unknowingly mutual friend at the concert and went to greet her. Neither of them expecting that this simple hello to a friend would be the start to their love story that was soon to unfold.

Flash forward and they are living in Florida, 2 years into a wonderful relationship. They spent their days boating and bonding with their family and friends. Soaking up the sun and basking in the warmth of their growing love. Soon after, Chelsea accepted a job offer which lead her to Atlanta. The distance only made their love grow stronger, but after 6 months of traveling 8+ hours each way, Steve decided to join her in Atlanta.

The pair quickly built a beautiful new life in Atlanta. They moved into a place of their own, and later welcomed 3 rescues - Fitzgerald the cat and pups Penny, Calvin. This furry trio has filled their lives with so much joy and brought them even closer. With a mutual love for delicious food, family values and experiencing life to the fullest, their relationship was bound to blossom. On February 3rd, 2019 at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Steve proposed. As May 2nd approaches, Chelsea and Steve are eager to celebrate their love, surrounded by family and friends when they can finally call each other husband and wife!
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